My trade consists of growing heirloom flowers, styling with personality and creating only the best for my couples. I invite you to explore the ins and outs of what I do as a floral stylist and California flower farmer.

Fresh Wedding Flowers in California

the process unearthed

“Let us live like flowers. Wild and beautiful and drenched in sun.”

Ellen Everett

I grow fresh wedding flowers that add an unbeatable luxurious touch to every collection.

let me Tell you all about our cut flower garden

but first...

Digging, planting, weeding, growing — the usual happens here.

And this is what those locally grown flowers become.

All custom packages include delivery and installation, which means my team and I will show up (you called it — in professional attire) to place the arrangements as planned. This involves, at times, carefully setting up arches, hanging flowers and assisting with those boutonnieres!

6. deliver & install

I’ll call a few weeks before your event to evaluate our plan, confirm numbers and make sure I have everything you need. This is the time to let me know about any last-minute changes!

5. final double checks

Throughout our journey, I will listen and look for details to further personalize your arrangements. I’ll jump in with both feet to the creative process, designing and staying in touch with you and your planner as your wedding day nears.

4. design + keep you in the loop

Whether it’s a la carte or totally custom, all I need from you to make things official is a simple signature and deposit. This means I can start planning and ordering your flowers (and seeing what I can use from the garden too)!

3. book your service

Let’s get to it. See your vision come together in a custom proposal with the floral selections and production costs outlined for your convenience. Photos and descriptions are covered too so you can see a potential direction for your floral design.

2. receive your custom proposal

Say hello here and we’ll schedule a personal consultation to get to know each other. I’ll ask about the vision for your wedding day and walk you through the floral design process.

1. get acquainted

As for you and I

The fresh wedding flower process looks like this:

Custom proposal

personalized, fresh wedding flowers

color palette

you'll get your hands on...

Which makes everything feel like a dream.

You'll start to say things like...

“Glenna absolutely nailed it.”

“I would hire them over and over again!”

“She made this process so much easier and more fun!”

“I knew she was a right fit for our wedding day.”

-Katie H
-Katie L

because your event looked like this:

dramatic rehearsal dinner tablescape

zaca creek ranch wedding

rooftop ceremony infused with iconic elegance

Hotel californian wedding

Autumn romance by the vineyards

terracotta Wedding flowers

A lot of time goes into personalizing every aspect possible for your event — the color palette, flower selections and the delicate arrangements. It’s a creative and meaningful process.


Whether I’m picking fresh wedding flowers from my artisan garden or sourcing them from a reputable seller, I’ll take the time to ensure that I’ll have every piece necessary to wow your guests. 


Visiting the event venue, chatting with you about the timeline, reviewing deliverables — there are many moving pieces I’ll keep track of leading up to your event.


The week of your event, I’ll likely spend up to three, 12-hour days getting the flowers ready. We have to wait until your event is close in order to keep the flowers fresh. I often gather a trusted team to make it happen.


This is when the show really begins, getting every floral element in its place. It’s a time-intensive phase, but I love it and can’t wait to see your event come to life!


Along the way, I’ll be honoring you in every way possible. For my wedding clients and friends, I’ll be sure to keep in touch to celebrate those future anniversaries I know you’re already looking forward to.



This happens behind the scenes at our micro flower farm in California.

"As a wedding photographer, I had a very specific vision for what I wanted and she was able to make it come to life flawlessly. She was able to take my general ideas and turn them into really unique and out of the box products that I hadn’t seen before which was exactly what I wanted!"

"Glenna was an absolute DREAM!"

Katie + David | Bodega Los Alamos | Los Alamos, CA

"We still talk about how incredible our wedding flowers were and how we can't believe we were able to have such amazing flowers. Glenna absolutely nailed it. Glenna was so easy to work with and we felt like she really listened to us and understood our vision. She was also super responsive and friendly, and talking to her on the phone felt very comfortable."

"She made our floral dreams come true." 

Rachel + Nick | Villa and Vine | Santa Barbara, CA

"She was extremely communicative throughout the whole process, and she NAILED the arrangements and bouquets. EVERYONE wanted to know who did the flowers because they were just so beautiful. I would without hesitation recommend Glenna to anyone and everyone, because I could not have been more pleased with her work."

"I cannot say enough amazing things about Glenna."

Katie + Ken | The Inn at Mattei's Tavern | Los Olivos, CA

From the farm to the tablescape, flowers go through quite the process. Growing, cultivating, designing, arranging and delivering — so many overlooked elements are a part of the floral design process. Plus, the more fresh and rare your flowers are, well, the higher the cost! I’ll help you navigate the pricing realm of flowers so we can nail the design within a budget that works for you.

Seasonal flowers are oftentimes more affordable and look better too! I’m all for using in-season flowers (and that means we might be able to use selections from my flower garden too). If your flower isn’t in season or is a rare variety, the cost could go up.

So you dig my flower farmer and stylist approach? Yes!! All I ask is that you fill out that little contact form on this page and we’ll schedule a casual consultation shortly after that!

Together, we’ll create an unrivaled setting for your event with fresh wedding flowers

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