It's one of the greatest feelings to create something for someone — to grow, style and deliver an organic piece that brings joy. 

I cannot wait to connect with you, dream up ideas together and then see the joy on your face with personalized flowers in hand.

Creativity is my passion — curating and connecting 
with others through art made by the earth herself.

hey, it's glenna.

San Luis Obispo + Santa Barbara Wedding Florist

I believe flowers are a universal language. They encourage memories — their aesthetic and floral aroma suggestive of a moment, place or person. So, I ask you, what will your event flowers evoke? What suggestion of love, admiration and joy can we inspire?

Home to heirloom flowers used for events like yours, this is where I find my zen. It's addicting to see what I can create when I get my hands dirty, literally planting the seeds that will become unbound masterpieces. I apply an organic growing process and love having flowers like ranunculus, dahlias and queen anne’s lace settled into these rows of blooms. We grow all of our flowers right here in Santa Ynez Valley.

planting heirlooms in my flower garden

planting, growing and harvesting. I often see this time in the garden as a break from the digital world, and the dog takes advantage of fetch opportunities while we’re outside.

I'm passionate about this aspect of my work-

01. Plant

An end result that leaves you speechless. 
An in-between that keeps communication flowing.
A straight-from-the-farm approach embedded in joy.

3 states of styling

San Luis Obispo + Santa Barbara Wedding Florist

It's what lights me up and excites me every day. It all comes together the week of your event — when my team and I get our hands on stems and let the creativity flow.

I get to create for others and do what I love at the same time.

02. Create

On the day of your event, my team and I will show up, deliver, install and showcase your unique style. It’s the designs you don’t see every day that will sweep you off your feet.

I believe in wowing you and your guests.

03. Elevate

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Long, dramatic veils

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Becoming a San Luis Obispo + Santa Barbara wedding florist

the begining of it all

In college, one of my friend’s roommates bought his girlfriend flowers — just a set of raw stems and blooms that he had no idea how to put together. Having worked in a small flower shop in high school, I stepped in to help him arrange a bouquet. And it’s this story that convinced the local flower shop owner to hire me. She taught me everything and I spent years working with high-end floral businesses. At last, in 2018, I decided to start my own floral business. 
This industry edge along with my educational background (a bachelor’s degree in mass communication design with a minor in instructional design) is what I use to create for others. The flower farm, well, that’s something I couldn’t help but establish being married to a guy who spent his childhood on a ranch. I like to say that he’s a firefighter with a side job as a flower farmer.

To those that have rooted me on — thank you. You pushed, challenged, motivated and full-heartedly believed in me. I’ve never felt as if I’m alone in my journey.

let's not wait any longer.

San Luis Obispo + Santa Barbara Wedding Florist